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May 31, 2008


My teenager inspired this card. He chose three colors for me and this is what I came up with. What do you think?
Orchid, glorious green and brilliant blue, all SU markers I had. I used the orchid for the base and stamped the flower from seeing spots in craft white ink and clear embossed it, the sentiment too! It's from one of those $ bins at a craft store. The lovebirds are also from that $ bin, it's a small acrylic set. Added a emerald shaped orchid gem and some shiny ribbon. Oh, and the birds are clear embossed also and have "diamond eyes. I really like the colors he chose!
We have been busy cleaning out our house! OMGosh, we had a bonfire with all the "stuff" we throw out! I started in the attic, if I hadn't touched it for at least a year, out it went. I know that sounds pretty harsh, but there was so much stuff piled that I couldn't find anything......when we needed something we would go and buy it anyway! Sound fimiliar?? Some might say all I need is a little organization......but I'm the queen of organization!! You can't organize clutter.......eek! I'm sounding like FlyLady....that's a good thing! After all people/relationships are more important than things, that's what we need to collect!!! {she gracefully steps down from her soapbox} Hey, thanks for stopping by to look at my cards!! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

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