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May 20, 2008

Vacation pictures.

Here, my dear family and friends are the vaca pictures I promised to post and never did! The above picture is a "scene" of most of Texas, New Mexico and some of Arizona! Rest spots were far and few between!!!
This scenic view is the city of Tucson, AZ. We were in Tucson is visit Raeann after her double lung transplant........she's doing fine. (Thank you Jesus!)
This is Susan and Don's pool. Emma and Max's favorite spot! Notice the big wooden Tiki men on either side of the waterfall and bowls of fire on the ends! Their backyard is a little piece of paradise. Don had the pool heated to at least 96 degrees the one night.......we had to get out of the pool to cool down. What fun!
I belive this is a picture of Canyon Lake in AZ.

The mountains were just gorgeous!

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This is for an entry to win. My favorite vacation was in Kenya, Africa. The animal safari's were incredible. The food the best. Relaxing there with weather mostly 75 degrees was awesome. Only 2 things I didn't like - the unfinished roads due to their war, extremely bumpy, and the humid conditions on the coast. I even came back 10 lbs. lighter.