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June 3, 2008

Embossing paste and a Drive-In movie!

This is the first time I used embossing paste...but it won't be the last!!! The flower was a brss stencil taped securely to the blue cs using removable tape. The paste was then spread across with a "trowel" and scrapped across a second time to gather the excess. You actually use very little and I would imagine a tub of paste would last pretty long. After the final scrap, you remove the stencil and tape and immediantly wash the paste from your trowel and stencil. The image should dry in 15-30 minutes. When dry, you can let it as is or add color with markers, pastels, etc. I used white and colored it with pastels. You can also mix color in the paste prior to applying. What fun?!!!
This past weekend our family went to the local Drive-In movies to see Indiana Jones 4 and Ironman! We took our truck so we could all pile in the bed to watch the movie under the stars. It was a beautiful night, we even saw a shooting star! I think every blanket we own was in that truck and a few pillows. It was so cozy!!! Ironman was great and Indie was pretty good too! Harrison Ford is still "the man"! The plot could have been a little better but it definitely carried on the Indie tradition! It was an all-around great family night!!!

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