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July 24, 2008

Be Happy!!

Here's a sketch to try! This is for the My Favorite Things sketch challenge: MFTSC40
I used my punny farm stamp set. The animals are happy at play while the farmer-ess is hard at work! Though she seems to have a little spring in her step, I think she's thoroughly enjoying what she's doing too!! I wanted to use MFT's signature colors and thought it worked out well. I forgot to add the sentiment before I took the pix. "BE HAPPY"
Be happy...this gives the connotation of effort on our part, doesn't it? Do you choose to be happy? Or do you let the your circumstances dictate your mood? I'm sure each one of us has happenings in our lives that could lead to unhappy feelings of some sort. But how will you choose to live your life? On a roller coaster of emotions or in a constant state of happiness? I remember the day my daughter was to have a test for a "rare" medical condition, she was not quite two. The outcome of the test would either be celebrated or bring devastation to our family. It was hard to hold on to hope that morning....and so we prayed! The Lord gave us Psalm 112. It spoke of a blessed man... he will never be shaken,...will have no fear of bad news,...his heart is secure, he will have no fear...! You have to read it, it's so cool!!! And I will never forget the peace we rec'd that day..........even telling the medical technician that she was healed! And she was, now she's a sassy "almost" 13 year old!!! And we still turn to that Psalm quite often!! God is so good!!! He's faithful too! So turn all your troubles over to the Lord, then choose to be happy!!!
Blessings for a happy day!
PS. I pray for all my blog readers.....if you have a prayer request, please let me know. I would feel honored to pray for you!

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Riley said...

Very Cute!! TFS!