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October 20, 2008

Trees in PA!

Here are some snapshots from our deck. The colors peaked the other day then the leaves seem to drop off the next day! Many of the trees are already void of leaves! We are to have a very cold winter. It would be nice to see some snow this year! The blue house was my DH's family farm. Thanks for looking at a little piece of my world. Blessings


Elena said...

Your place is gorgeous, Maria!!! Love the colors of the fall! Just amazing how beautiful our nature is! Thank you for sharing the pictures!

Susan said...

Maria, Did you know that a cactus doesn't change colors?? I love the PICs but very happy to be here, Of course your hubby wouldn't need his snow plow if you would ever join me! Keep your beautiful cards and pics of home comming.. love to all Susan

Beautiful Grace said...

We are blessed to be surrounded by SUCH beauty!!

Thanks for protecting me in my editing mishap!!! ;)