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October 4, 2008

You Brighten Up My Day!

Isn't this a rewarding award! I received this from Riley @ Riley's Dream Corner! Not sure what the rules are for passing this one along...maybe just having a blog that makes one smile!!!
I'm so bad at time limits for these things! I was tagged a week ago and still haven't thought of seven facts to share. But I will do it, I promise! Blessings to you all for making me smile by visiting my blog...yes, even those of you who lurk! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


Elena said...

Congratulations on your ward! I love you blog, Maria1 You are giving us a smile and very good emotions! Thank you very much for brinning a joy to the world!

Shirley said...

Congratulations and on the figuring out what to say. I feel your pain. LOLOL I just have the same problem. You could hyperlink back to your other post with seven things about yourself. That's what I did Maria. I hope it isn't cheating. And I love the pumpkin cursor!!! How'd you do that?