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November 21, 2008

Pretty, Pretty Snow

Pretty, pretty snow! We woke up to about 4 inches/10 cm!!!! The kids will be studying all aspects of snow for homeschool today! hehe Why so excited about snow...we hardly had any last year and we live in Pennsylvania...helloooo! So just the thought of wearing snow clothes and pulling out the sleds is exciting!

Even with all our wonderful creations, none compare to the beauty of God's artwork!!! Blessings!

My loved SIL is having a procedure today on her back, please lift her up in your prayers! Thank you!!!


pasiakowa said...

Wow! You have a winter out there! So beautful with the snow :)
And I hope everything willl be ok with SIL!

Elena said...

I wish your SIL only the best! Hope everything will be all right with her!
The nature is so interesting sometimes. You didn't have a snow last year, but we are in WI had to much! Thank you for sharing nice pictures!

Susan said...

Thanks for the prayers, as always they provided me peace and sucess! BUT look at HOME in the snow just makes me cold and thankful I live in AZ, still wearing shorts! Love to all