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December 16, 2008

A Fabulous Award!

My cyberfriend Vicki has passed this fabulous award onto my blog! She has such an enjoyable blog, Stamped Smiles, filled with informative posts, technique info and lovely creations, of course! Please hop by and visit her, you'll be glad you did!
Along with this award, came two rules! I'm to tell you 5 things I'm addicted to and pass it onto 5 fabulous blogs!
So here we go....
I'm addicted to:
rubber stamping, duh, right!
My Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ
my family
handbags, you can never have enough!!!
Now, for passing this onto 5 blogs...I am going to do something completely different! I'm not going to list them all here today. Over the next few days I will highlight 5 New blogs; beginner blogs, just starting out which have not received any awards yet...only because they're new! Won't that be fun! Spreading around the love a little! Oh, and did you know, if you are one who has rec'd every award under the sun in blogland you can post a lovely sign on your blog so others know you have those awards...contact Shirley @ Card Art, Etc
Thank you all for making blogging, well, Fabulous! Blessings!
PS. If you know of any new blogs you think are fabulous please email me!


Shirley said...

Congratulations, Maria, you are so deserving. I love your blog.

Elena said...

Congratulations Maria! Your blog is fabulous!
Love your idea with the nominating!