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December 15, 2008

Make-a-Flake website

Here's one for you and the kids!
They give you a piece of "paper" folded into a triangle and you use your mouse to "cut" away pieces of paper. You can preview it and make cuts accordingly! My #2 son (15 y.o.) made this masterpiece! How fun is that! Keeps the kiddos busy for quite awhile! All four of mine were crowded around the computer telling each other where to cut to make some very unusal snowflakes! Have fun! Blessings!

Make-a-Flake - A snowflake maker by Barkley Interactive


Elena said...

It looks great! I am going to give it to try to my son! Thank you for sahring the link, Maria!

Elena said...

Ops, didn't type the word correct!
Thank you for sharing the link!