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February 27, 2009

Another Award!

Thank you LorraineA. for this uber cute award! I am so not good at passing these awards on, simply because I can't choose....I love you all! but here's some to start, some blogs that definitely make me smile...

I could go on...To all who leave me a kind, funny, encouraging comment...please grab this and stash it on your blog!



bolha said...

Thank you Maria! :) Such a nice suprice that you thought of me. It means a lot that you like my blog.:)
x Natasha x

Elena said...

Congratulations, Maria!!! And thank you for thinking of me!

Danni said...

Aww,thank you for thinking of me! I don't display awards on my blog anymore but I truly appreciate you awarding me with it. So nice!

Donna said...

Bless you Maria, its so kind of you to think of me and I really appreciate you giving this award to me, it is very much appreciated Donna x

Heather said...

Thanks so much Maria!!!

Janna said...

OMG!!!! Maria!!! congratulations on this amazing award!!! You so deserve it!

And imagine how stunned I was to see you passed it on to me!!! I am so, so incredibly honored! Wow!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!