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November 19, 2008

Crayon Resist

Crayon Resist with your Cuttlebug!
This was the challenge on the Cuttlebug challenge this week!

Interesting, huh?
Have you tried it yet! The technique's been around for quite a while. Though I never tried it, or if I did it was so long ago I don't remember.
It's really rather basic, ink does not "stick" to the crayon wax.
Really, it's that easy! I'll show you!
Let's just try it on some scrap paper. Go and find a crayon, go ahead, I'll wait......
now draw a circle and color it in. Solid. Now take some ink and sponge it all over and around the circle. Let it dry for a minute and with a tissue wipe over the paper. Did it work? Did the crayon color show through?
Here's an example with a Cuttlebug folder...
1. emboss
2. leave your cs in the folder (so it doesn't collapse) and using the flat side of a crayon, color over pressing pretty hard.
3. now ink up your sponge and cover your cs with ink.
4. let it dry for a minute then with a tissue wipe over the cs.
the ink will come off the waxed areas.
That's it!

I knew you could do it! With everything you've accomplished in your life already, this was easy peasy! If you make a card with this technique, I would love to see it, drop me a link! I pray for you, a peaceful day, and that the only thing to stick to you would be love and blessings!


evafromca said...

Maria, thanks for playing along with us....your card is fabulous!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous job Maria!! :) I hope to get to this soon!!

carol said...

Your card is gorgeous Maria, you put me to shame!!
Thanks for joining us this week, hope to see you often :)

Carol x

Allison said...

really fab card, thanks for joining us this week

Elena said...

Maria! Thank you for this great tutorial! I love how you wrote it! Looks so easy and the result is great!

Beautiful Grace said...

The card is beautiful, like ALL of your cards!!!

Hey, I receive that prayer!!!

Bless you, Dear!!

Ann said...

Oh Maria that is fantastic. I love your finished result and thank you so much for taking pictures along the way. My daughter went out shopping yesterday and treat me to some crayons. Bit worried as it says 2- 11 years on the box - I'm way too old but I'm going to give it ago anyway.

Ann xxxx

Eveline said...

What a lovely card. Great colors together.

Perky Nihilist said...

Beautiful colors and I love how you used the gold.

Awesome card!