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November 17, 2008

Subscribers' Drawing Winner!

Yummy, Pizza Hut! Well, I can't say we had a busy weekend this time, just a busy Sunday. After church, we went to lunch with some friends. We each have four children...table for twelve please. Enjoyable conversation and delicious pizza was had by all! These friends have taken on the rather huge project of remodeling a house, so we had the opportunity to visit the *work site*. So much work to do, but Wow!, their family has done an awesome job so far! {waving-hi Val} After bidding them farewell, we were off to run some errands since we were in the "city". Upon returning to our hometown, we went to an awesome Praise & Worship event our dear friends organized. By the time we were finally home, we were all ready for bed! It was a long day, but so nice spending time with friends!

The above photo was taken by my 17 yo DS on his camera phone! Let's see, around the table from the left...Austin (friend's child), Me, DH, DD, Sarah, Kaleigh, Bob, Val, Charlotte. My three boys avoided the camera, well, one was taking the picture but the other two are MIA for this one! oh wait you can see the tuffs of DS#2 hair! hehe

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Shirley said...

I just noticed you don't have a followers list for me to follow. You are on my Feed list though.

Beautiful Grace said...

Riley told me about the praise and worship. I'm glas it went well!!!

Elena said...

Maria, is it lucky me??? Still can't believe in it!