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March 21, 2011

Thinking Aloud....and a free printable list!

Happy Monday!

Gosh, it's so hard for me to wake up on a Monday morning.  I have so many plans for the day, in my mind, but I always end up with more plans than day.   I'm a list person, and love my 'to do' lists, so when I saw these fun print-outs this morning on one of the 2000+ blogs I follow, it was just what I needed to get motivated.   Sure I have tablets of lists, probably a handful of saved sites for lists, but these were right there in front of me ready to print so I went for it!

Free Printable To Do Lists...just a cute pdf with three columns from Ash & Anchor.   easy peasy, and I filled up mine already!  haha

Isn't life busy?  Wow, I'd really like to know how everyone else keeps up.  I do what I can and try not to feel too guilty about not being everything to everyone!    A while back, I felt the Lord give me a wonderful way to simplify my life, five areas that I needed to attend to.  It really has taken the stress out of our lives, even during some big life changes we endured over the past two years.  Maybe I'll share some about that later.    Right now, I'm off to check my list....

Ooo, one more thing!  Has anyone read Dave Ramsey's book Total Money Makeover????   I keep hearing about it and wondered what you thought?  

Take care, I'll be back tomorrow with a bunch of stuff to show you!   I have a vintage card made with a freebie, an Easter card and even some crafty home decor!    Oy, I could show you so many crafts in addition to cards. 

Praying peace, joy and much love over you today!



Jacilynn said...

I love seeing other types of crafts along with cards. Check back later!

Marlene said...

Will have to check out those lists...thanks!

Sparkle said...

Dave Rasmey's book is okay, but if you get the workbook that goes with it, you don't really need both. Since you like lists, I think you would like the workbook. :)

Rose said...

oh Maria i am such a list person! now if i could only do all on my to do list! lol
you follow 2000 blogs?! i can't even keep up with the 72 i follow! lol